Filtration in wastewater treatment

At the end of treatment in a wastewater plant, the water has to respect quality standards, be it a realease in natural environment or a re-use. Treatment plants are never immune to a temporary increase in suspended matter in this water, with the risk of exceeding legal limits.
The installation of a filter secures these discharges. The choice of an automatic filter enable to avoid the constraint of replacing the cartridges. A 100 or 200 microns filtration degree is usually enough.



AG series filters are the most used for this application ; they equipp dozens of wastewater treatment plants in France.

Advantages :


AS filters are also suitable , when the filtered water outlet is on a low-pressure network, or at open air.

Advantages :


Stereau, Saindowastewatertreatment plant, Theix (France). Filtration fer a wastewater clarifier-settler, before lagooning. Filter AG200 2’’ in 400 μm.

Sogea Sud-Ouest Hydraulique, Sicoval plant, Ayguesvives (France). Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 DN80 PN10 in 200 μm.

Nalco / Nestlé France, Boué (France). Filtration at the outlet of the factory’s purification plant, to meet discharge standards. AS200 100μm filter.

Veolia OTV, St Clément de Rivière (France) wastewater treat­ment plant. Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 2’’ 200 μm.

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Suez (Degremont), Geolidewastewater plant, Marseille (France). Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler, filter AG300 316L in 400 microns. Flow rate up to 70 m3/h.

Suez, Laon (France) wastewatertreatment plant. Water filtration after the plant, for industrial use. Low pressure network (lessthan 0,5 Bar). Filter AS200 500 μm.

Veolia Eau, Thônes (France). Water filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG300 DN80 6μm and sustainer CRF80.