Filtration in wastewater treatment

At the end of treatment in a wastewater plant, water has to respect quality standards, be it a realease in natural environment or a re-use (industrial water). Filtration enables to absorb a temporary increase in suspended solids in this water.


For treatment before re-use, filters are usually between 100 and 200 microns. With a Hectron filter, maintenance is reduced to a minimum.


Before UV, a finer filtration (20 µm) is usually chosen to protect the lamps and guarantee their efficiency


The AG range filters equip several dozen wastewater treatment plants in France. The suction ramp washing system is very efficient and suitable for the clogging materials present in the wastewater treatment plants.

Advantages :


Stereau, Saindowastewatertreatment plant, Theix (France). Filtration fer a wastewater clarifier-settler, before lagooning. Filter AG200 2’’ in 400 μm.

Sogea Sud-Ouest Hydraulique, Sicoval plant, Ayguesvives (France). Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 DN80 PN10 in 200 μm.

Nalco / Nestlé France, Boué (France). Filtration at the outlet of the factory’s purification plant, to meet discharge standards. AS200 100μm filter.

Veolia OTV, St Clément de Rivière (France) wastewater treat­ment plant. Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 2’’ 200 μm.

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Suez (Degremont), Geolidewastewater plant, Marseille (France). Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler, filter AG300 316L in 400 microns. Flow rate up to 70 m3/h.

Suez, Laon (France) wastewatertreatment plant. Water filtration after the plant, for industrial use. Low pressure network (lessthan 0,5 Bar). Filter AS200 500 μm.

Veolia Eau, Thônes (France). Water filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG300 DN80 6μm and sustainer CRF80.