Drinking water treatment

Drinking water networks may have turbidity above the norm, what makes necessary a treatment facility. In many cases, the installation of a Hectron filter (between 0.5 and 3 microns) is sufficient to reduce turbidity below 1 ntu.


Hectron filters are also used for UV protection, reverse osmosis membranes or ultrafiltration units. They make it possible to improve the efficiency of this equipment and extend its life.


For these applications, choose the ACS certified version. ACS is a French certification for use in drinking water, which is recognized in the countries of the European Union.


AG filters in ACS version are the most suitable. They have the advantage of being fully automatic, without consumables cartridges and available with very fine filtration degrees.

Advantages :


Saur, Bernica and Charpentier (La Reunion). In each of these 2 potabilization units, installation of filters AG200-E and AG300-E, filtration 20 μm. Filters with ACS certification : french certification for use in potable networks.

Suez Degremont FA, Sarrazac (France). Drinking water plant. Pretreated raw water filtration after an Aquadaf flotation unit. Flow rate of 20 m³/h, pressure 7 Bar. AG200-E 316L.

Veolia water, Apremont (France). Water supply of the hamlet of Severt. AG100-E filter 11 μm and CRL25 sustainer.

Stereau, Ste Cécile (France) potable water treatment plant. Water filtration, to protect ultrafiltration membranes. Flow rate: 211 m3/h. Supply of one filter AG400-E DN250 with 200μm.

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Matec, Libreville, Gabon. Filters for Africa Cup of Nations 2017 buildings water supply. Filters AG300 1 and 6 microns.

Mora Eau et Environnement, Millau (France). Well-water filtration for use as potable water. Flow rate : 8 m3/h. Filter AG100-E (ACS certification) 20 μm.

Degrémont France, Vierzon (France) potable water plant. Water pre-filtration upstream the treatment plant. 2 filters AG200-E 500μm, with ACS certification.