Factories water networks

Industrial sites need quality water, either for process water or cooling network.


For process water, Hectron filters improve water quality, coming from rivers or borehole. Our filters are fully automatic, have no need of consumables and require minimum maintenance.


Cooling networks and cooling towers quickly load with dust, fine metal particles, plastic residues (in plastics factories) or algae. Compared to magnetic filters, our filters retain more solids, including non-metallic dust. Having a good filtration helps to reduce water chemical treatment.


Versatile filters, range available for flow rates up to 340 m3/h and operating pressure up to 16 Bar

Advantages :

Models suitable for low-pressure networks: filling a buffer tank, cooling tower.

Advantages :


Johnson Controls Industrie / Thales, Thônon les Bains (France). Factory cooling network filtration. Filter AG400 DN250 100 μm.

Fimic / Kaneka (Belgium). Foam plastic factory. Cooling water, loaded in micro suspended solids, including PE and raw materials. 70% of the suspended solids beeing smaller than 5 microns, a fine filtration has been installed. filters AG200 2’’ PN10 1 μm.

Chemviron, Parentis en Born (France). Cooling water, loaded in coal, sand, and wood particles. Flow rate : 30 to 50 m3/h. A filter AG300 DN100 IP65 40 μm as been installed, outdoor.

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B+W, Bottrop, Germany. Water filtration before high-pressure pumps. Water used in spraying systems. Filters AG200 2’’ 6 microns and CRL50.

Automatisme Industrie / Mecaplast, Lens (France). Cooling network in a plastic factory. A part of the flow-rate is filtered through a branch circuit. Pump + filter AG300 50μm + CRL sustainer.

Periplast, Perigny (France). PVC tubes factory. Cooling closed-cir­cuit filtration. AG300 DN150 100 μm.

Morssinkhof Plastic, Zeewolde (Netherlands). Elimination of PET particles in the factory network. AG200 2’’ filter, 40m3/h.