Watering and micro-irrigation

Watering and micro-irrigation networks require to protect solenoid valves, drip or micro-sprinklers.
The installation of a hydrocyclone or automatic filter (80 – 100 microns) avoids clogging and reduces maintenance compared to cartridge filters. Several Hectron materials are suitable for this application.


hydrocyclones HN

Hydrocyclones HN are the most affordable solution if presence of sand. They require manual interventions to drain the tank, but much less frequently than on a cartridge filter. They do not require any minimum pressure.

Advantages :

  • Very robust design
filtre automatique prago

Prago filters are suitable for well water with flow rate up to 10 m³/h. They are the most affordable solution among automatic filters.

Advantages :

  • Fully automatic
  • Online installation on piping

AG series filters are interesting for high flow rate, up to 340 m3/h. If needed, they are also available with very fine filtration degrees.

Advantages :

  • Fully automatic
  • Up to 340 m3/h


UV Germi / Squiban, Lapouyade (France). Closed loop water filtration for tomato irrigation in a greenhouse. Fil­tration 20 μm before UV system.

CCF, Valbonne (France). In a private property, garden spraying network filtration. 2 filters AG200 3’’ IP65 PN10 60 microns.

Download: list of references

Saur, La Flotte (France). Filtration downstream a wastewater treat­ment plant, for a UV treatment system protection. Water used for irrigation. AG400-316L DN150 filter, filtration 20 μm, flow rate : 100 m³/h.