Seawater filtration

Hectron offers filters specifically designed for seawater, with optimum corrosion resistance. They are made in metal and plastics.


In desalination plants, our filters are used to protect the high pressure pumps of reverse osmosis systems. Used as a pre-treatment before cartridge filters, they greatly extend cartridges life-time.


Protection of plate heat exchangers is the other main application in seawater.


AG AUTOMATIC FILTERS – seawater version
Available from 3 microns, these filters are used before cartridge filters, to protect high pressure pumps for reverse osmosis.

Advantages :

AS AUTOMATIC FILTERS – seawater version
AS filters are designed to operate at low pressure what makes them suitable for heat exchangers protection.

Advantages :


Frøy / Quantum, Norway. Protection of a reverse osmosis desalination system, used to fill fresh water tanks on live fish transport ships (salmon farms). A set of AG400 Sea filters with 20 µm and 6 µm filtration degree treats the raw seawater, protecting the 10 µm absolute filters placed before the high pressure pumps. Total flow: 500 m3/h.

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Marinove, l’Epine (France). Seawater filtration, used to supply aquaculture ponds. Overall need from 3 to 10 m3/h. AG200 Seawater 6 µm filter + pressure sustainer.

Drema Waterbehandeling, Netherlands. Seawater filtration to pro­tect reverse osmosis membranes. 2 filters AG200 Seawater 1 micron.