Seawater filtration

Seawater filtration has many applications: protection of desalination systems, water purification for aquariums or aquaculture, or protection of heat exchangers.
Hectron offers several models resistant to corrosion.



HYDROCYCLONES ALFA – seawater version
Alfa hydrocyclones are a cost-effective solution for removing sand from seawater. These devices have a plastic body; on the “marine” version, the screws are made of SS 316L.

Advantages :


AG SERIES – seawater version
AG range filters are available in 316L version with anti-corrosion Rilsan thermoplastic coating. They have the advantage of having an automatic cleaning system.

Advantages :


Drema Waterbehandeling, Netherlands. Seawater filtration to pro­tect osmosis membranes. 2 filters AG200 316L-C 1 micron.

Ferme Marine du Douhet. Factory in Iran. New water treatment, after pumping. Sand-laden water. Hydrocyclone Alfa 300 Marine.

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Atlantique Industrie / Le Havre (France) Congress center. Seawater filtration, to protect plate heat exchangers. 2 filters AS400 316L C, filtration 500 μm.

SLCE, Lanester (France). Filtration of seawater containing sand, through hydrocyclone. Hydrocyclone Alfa 200 1’’ Marine.