Lakes and rivers water

Lakes and rivers water treatment requires efficient filtration systems. Rivers generally have a very variable turbidity, with a heavy suspended solids load on certain periods of floods or thunderstorms. Regarding lakes and ponds, they contain highly clogging organic solids, requiring the use of an efficient cleaning system.

Using an automatic filter is the best solution to be able to continue using the water when it is loaded. Fonctionning through differential pressure measuring, the will adapt to the water loading, cleaning more or less often. In extreme cases, they are able to clean several times a minute.



AG filters are the most suitable. The requested filtration degree is very different depending on the place. A sample test is recommanded before choosing the material.

Advantages :


EDF, Mescla plant, Malaussène (France). Var river water is used for the lubrication of the hydro-electric turbine bearings. Since this water can be heavily loaded during floods, a filtration unit has been installed: filter AG200 60 μm then AG200 20μm.

Suez, CIRSEE center, Croissy-sur-Seine (France). After raw Seine water pumping (2 m3/h), a succession of cartridge filters were in place: 50, then 20 and 10 microns. Cartridges clogged in less than 2 days. This equipement has been replaced by an AG100 filter in 11 μm.

Arkema, Feuchy factory, St Laurent Blangy (62). River water filtration to supply the factory. Flow rate: 80 m3/h. Filter AG300 DN150 40 μm.

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Vicat, Créchy (France) cementfactory. Pond water filtration. Water used in the cement factory process. Flow rate : 110 m³/h. Filter AS300 DN150 200μm.

SHEM, Paulhaguet (France). River water filtration, to protect a small hydroelectric plant. Filter AG100 100μm.

Boccard / Electrabel, Feluy (Belgium). Meuse river filtration, for the factory water supply. 4 filters AG200 2’’ in 6 μm.

Cascades paperfactory, La Rochette, France. River water filtration, used in the factory process. 4 Filters AG300.