Manufacturer of automatic water filters

Hectron is a manufacturer of automatic self-cleaning filters. Since 2004, we have developed a large range of automatic filtration solutions that have been offered to the water treatment industry: automatic backwash filters for coarse or fine filtration (filtration of particles as small as 1 micron), available for large range of flow rates and filtration degrees, for both high and low pressure.

A full range of self-cleaning water filters

Our filters are being installed on various applications, incuding domestic borehole water filtration, protection of heat pumps in buildings, potable water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial networks protection, filtration of lake and river water, watering and micro-irrigation, and seawater filtration.

Filtres automatiques gamme AG

Automatic filters, AG series

Fully automatic filtration for various applications. Hectron AG series are available from 1 to 500 microns ratings. The cleaning system with suction arm offers an optimum cleaning efficiency with low water use.

Protection PAC bâtiment collectif

Protection of heat pumps

In water / water geothermal heat pumps using borehole or lakes water, exchangers are subject to clogging clogging if water contains suspended solids. We propose several low-maintenance solutions to solve this problem.

Technologie des filtres AS

AS filters technology

Having several years experience in water filtration, Hectron developped efficient technologies. AS series filters are specifically designed for low-pressure networks, such as exchangers protection.

Recognized expertise in water filtration solutions

Veolia, Suez, Engie, Thales and EDF are some of the big companies that have trusted us, in France and around the world.
But Hectron also provides hundreds of small businesses, craftsmen or individuals.