About the AG range of Hectron automatic water filters

Hectron has developed a range of versatile automatic filters, the AG range, which includes 4 models of filters and an accessory to maintain the pressure upstream of the filter. These filters respond to real problems in various fields and they are widely appreciated for their wide range of filtration thresholds. This range is designed in Hectron's design office in Nice and all models are assembled in its workshops.

Characteristics of the Hectron automatic filter models AG range

The 4 AG automatic filters of the company Hectron (AG 100, AG 200, AG 300 and AG 400) have common technical characteristics. First of all they are all manufactured with a stainless steel casing (more or less large according to the model). They all admit a maximum pressure of 5 bars. They are all offered with filtration thresholds ranging from 0.5-1 micron up to 500 microns. What essentially differentiates these models from each other is the admissible flow rate and therefore their capacity. For example, an AG 100 automatic filter can achieve a flow rate of up to 8 m3/h, while the AG 200 model allows a maximum flow rate of 45 m3/h. The AG 300 and AG 400 models have maximum permissible flow rates of 120 m3/h and 340 m3/h respectively. The types of inlet and outlet and their diameters are other notable differences between these models.     Below you will find the types of inlets and outlets offered on the different models:
  • AG 100: 1'' threaded F
  • AG 200: 2'' F-threaded, 3'' M-threaded and DN80 flanges
  • AG 300: 3'' M thread and flanges of DN100 and DN150
  • AG 400: Flanges of DN100, DN150, DN200 and DN250
Finally, options are available to provide higher pressures if necessary, ACS certified versions for use in drinking water systems, and finally models made of 316 L stainless steel. Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.