Hectron automatic filters for the protection of factory water systems

Hectron automatic filters for the protection of factory water systems
Hectron automatic filters for the protection of factory water systems
The vast majority of factories require water for process or cooling purposes. Water systems in plants are therefore essential to the smooth running of the plant and must be properly maintained and protected. Hectron's automatic filters are a suitable answer to these needs, offering a fine filtration threshold that concerns all suspended particles. In addition, these Hectron filters offer many advantages by being inexpensive and requiring relatively little maintenance. Which plant water systems are affected? All factory water systems are concerned by an efficient protection by filtration, whether they are :
  • water networks for the manufacturing process, such as water networks for a paper factory, a chemical factory or a food factory.
  • cooling water systems for steel wire drawing production lines, plastic foam production or any other process.
It is always important to ensure that the water used is not overly polluted with suspended particles such as fine metal particles or dust. The presence of large amounts of such particles can ultimately affect the manufacturing process, change the quality of the products produced or damage the machinery used. These are therefore significant costs that must be avoided by the appropriate use of efficient and appropriate automatic filtration systems. What type of filtration? The protection of water systems in factories can be done with several filtration processes. Very often, magnetic filtration is used, as factories are faced with many metal particles suspended in the water from machinery. This process is effective, but if the water system also contains dust and other suspended matter (which is often the case), these will not be filtered out. This can lead to damage to the water system, blockages or damage to the machines or the product. Hectron's automatic filters are the ideal solution for complete filtration of all possible types of particles. Moreover, Hectron filters have the possibility of fine adjustments, and in particular the capacity to have a very low filtration threshold. Finally, Hectron automatic filters are delivered ready to use, easy to set up and require almost no maintenance. This is important for plants that operate 24 hours a day and need an efficient process at all times. Which Hectron automatic filters can be used for the protection of plant networks? There are two ranges of Hectron automatic filters that are ideal for protecting water systems in plants: the AG and AS models. AG automatic filters The AG range of filters is recommended for factory water systems, regardless of the purpose of the system. They are appreciated because they offer many advantages such as:
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • There are no consumables required for their operation.
  • They offer very low filtration thresholds.
In fact, the Hectron AG range has a wide range of filtration thresholds: from 0.5-1 microns to 500 microns. The cleaning system of the AG automatic filters consists of a suction ramp. The cleaning process only starts when there is a difference in pressure between the upstream and downstream sides of the filter. This means that the cleaning process uses very little water and is only triggered when necessary. 4 models are available in this range: AG 100, AG 200, AG 300 and AG 400. They all have a stainless steel casing and a maximum operating pressure of 5 bar. The different models differ in size and therefore capacity, as well as in the permissible flow rate. The maximum flow rates of the different AG automatic filters are as follows:
  • AG 100: 8 m3/h.
  • AG 200: 45 m3/h.
  • AG 300: 120 m3/h.
  • AG 400: 340 m3/h.
Finally, there are also differences in the types of inlet/outlet and their diameters. Here are the characteristics of these for the 4 models: AG 100: 1" F thread AG 200: 2" F thread, 3" M thread and DN80 flanges AG 300: 3" M thread and DN100 and DN150 flanges AG 400: DN100, DN150, DN200 and DN250 flanges AS automatic filters Hectron also has another range of automatic low-pressure filters that is suitable for protecting factory networks: the AS range, which has 3 filter models. Here too, these filters offer a very wide range of filtration thresholds and therefore a lot of latitude depending on the desired result and the problems encountered. These filtration thresholds are adjustable from 6 to 400 microns. All three models are manufactured with a stainless steel casing and can withstand pressures of up to 5 bar. As with the AG range, the difference between the models is in the flow rate capacity of each model and the inlet/outlet characteristics. The 3 models of AS automatic filters have the following characteristics:
  • AS 200: 45 m3/h maximum flow rate and 3" M thread and 2" F thread
  • AS 300: 120 m3/h maximum flow rate and DN100 and DN150 flanges
  • AS 400: 340 m3/h maximum flow rate and DN150, DN200 and DN250 flanges
The possibility of manufacturing filters with a pressure rating of 10 bar is available on request and the manufacture of these models in 316 L stainless steel is also an option.