Hectron automatic water filters: Why are they so advantageous ?

Hectron automatic water filters: Why are they so advantageous ?
Hectron automatic water filters: Why are they so advantageous ?
When comparing industrial solutions, it makes sense to look at their investment and installation costs, but there is many other criteria that can be taken into account and ultimately be more decisive. This is the case with Hectron's automatic water filters, which offer many advantages that make them indispensable. The low human intervention, the low maintenance costs, the absence of consumables to be changed, the low water consumption, the simple installation and the wide range of filtering thresholds, all these essential characteristics are decisive when it comes to choosing a filtration solution that is efficient and economical overall.

No human intervention in operation

As the name implies, automatic water filters work alone. Once installed, the automated device manages the operation of the filter itself and no human intervention is required. This is because the automated triggering systems and the water discharge system do not require an agent to intervene in the process. This automation is an important factor in the choice of many manufacturers for this type of product. The labour savings are substantial compared to other filtration systems that require teams of technicians to monitor the water load and initiate filtration if necessary.

Very little maintenance

This labour saving is also reflected in the maintenance record. Automatic water filters, whether they are used in wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities or for water drilling, require very little human intervention for maintenance. Not only do these systems have very low failure rates, but they also require no intervention for consumable replacements. This is also a substantial saving when these filters are installed in large numbers: there is no need to schedule periodic rounds of technicians, which are often very costly.

No wearing parts

Very often, industrial equipment requires the replacement not only of consumables (elements that wear out and must be changed at regular intervals) but also of parts that are worn out after a certain time. This is the case with moving parts, elements that can rub or gears or bearings. In the case of Hectron's automatic water filters, there is none of this and a filter has no consumables to change and no wearing parts to replace. However, these elements often have a significant cost that makes such investments unprofitable or burdensome.

Low water consumption

Hectron automatic water filters have the advantage of saving water, as they only operate when necessary.  They are all equipped with an innovative suction ramp cleaning system. A pressure switch measures the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream sides of the filter. This measurement triggers the cleaning process, which is therefore carried out at an optimal frequency, adapted to the water load.

Very easy to install

The automatic water filters from Hectron are all pre-equipped at the factory. They only require a power connection and relatively simple installation. All models are supplied ready for use, with the control system already installed. The installation diagrams provided already foresee several scenarios depending on the pressures encountered and allow for a very easy and relatively short installation.

Long service life

The service life of Hectron automatic water filters is long enough that the initial cost is not a problem. Even though the service life of such equipment will largely depend on the nature of the water being treated and the particles it contains, overall these filters have a reasonable life expectancy of around 15 to 20 years, or even more in some cases. However, it is always difficult to determine precise figures that are valid in all cases since each installation is a specific case. But, overall, it is never the life of the automatic water filter that determines the overall life of the equipment. Furthermore, with low maintenance costs (as seen above) and a very reasonable initial investment cost, most players in this market agree that this type of investment is very largely profitable for all types of installation.

A wide variety of filtration thresholds

In addition to operating at both low and high pressure, Hectron's automatic water filters have the advantage of great versatility of use thanks to a very wide range of filtration thresholds. All Hectron automatic water filters are available with filtration levels ranging from 0.5-1 micron to 500 microns. They can therefore be used in many situations and are easily adaptable to any type of problem to be solved. This explains, among other things, why they are used today for the protection of water treatment plants, for the filtration of water from individual or industrial boreholes, for the protection of water networks in industrial sites, for the filtration of lake or river water, sea water or for the protection of heat pumps in collective buildings.