Hectron designs for individual and small boreholes efficient filtration

Hectron designs for individual and small boreholes efficient filtration
Hectron designs for individual and small boreholes efficient filtration
Individual wells and small flow rates also require efficient filtration. Not only must the solution chosen be efficient, but it must also be autonomous and require little human intervention to be profitable. This is made possible by the automatic filtration solutions offered by Hectron. Here are some examples of applications. 

How do you filter water from an individual well?

Water from wells and boreholes is often naturally contaminated with sand, mud, sediment, clay or other particles. This does not affect the quality of the water that is pumped, but it can be detrimental to its intended use or to the equipment that will use it. To remove these particles from the water there are several methods and means of filtration:
  • The sieve or lamella filter: this captures large particles and can also retain sand and microparticles. It is less effective in the latter cases. And, it must have regular manual emptying.
  • The disc filter: mainly used for industrial or agricultural irrigation installations with a high water flow. It cannot, however, ensure fine filtration.
  • The cartridge filter: an interesting solution, but it requires frequent cartridge replacements and therefore involves significant costs in parts and labour.
  • The self-cleaning filter: it offers the advantage of integrating an automatic cleaning system, which avoids the dismantling of the filter and allows a filtration is quite fine and efficient. Moreover, it is an economical solution, without human intervention and without spare parts.

Which Hectron filters can be used for the automatic filtration of an individual or small borehole?

In the Hectron product range there are 3 types of filters that are suitable for individual or small boreholes.

Alfa hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are systems for separating sand and other particles that work without any moving parts. They therefore offer maximum reliability and a very long service life. They are made of moulded polyamide, an economical material that does not rust. A hydrocyclone can easily separate 80% of suspended solids larger than 100 microns from borehole water. The maximum permissible flow rate is about 18 m3/h. An example of filtration with an Alfa hydrocyclone can be found in Thorigne (79) where Eklor has installed Alfa 200 hydrocyclones in 1" on domestic geothermal installations. For Géothermie Performances in Sainte Savine (10), sand-laden borehole water was filtered with a 1" Alfa 200 hydrocyclone to protect the exchanger.

Prago automatic filters

The Prago automatic filters combine a relatively low cost with 100% automatic operation. They can be fitted with screens for 100, 200 or 300 micron filtration and are particularly effective at filtering sand and are therefore ideal for protecting a domestic water well. In addition, Prago filters are very easy to install by fitting directly to the pipework. Prago filters are suitable for pressures between 0 and 6 bar. As an example, Hervé Thermique was able to install a Prago filter for 100 micron filtration to protect a geothermal heat pump in Châlons en Champagne (51).

AG automatic filters

Hectron AG filters are certainly the most versatile and efficient filters for individual well installations. They cover a very wide range of filtration thresholds, from very low thresholds of 0.5-1 micron, to much higher thresholds of 500 microns. They have a cleaning system by suction ramp which consumes very little water and is activated only when a pressure difference is detected by a pressure switch between upstream and downstream. The automatic filter models in the AG range are all supplied ready to use, with control lights and automatic cycle counting equipment. There are many applications where Hectron AG automatic filters are used for small boreholes or individual installations. One example is the Lavage Baffard in Martignas, Gironde, where fine clay-laden borehole water quickly clogged the cartridge filters. The use of a 2" AG200 filter with 0.5-1 micron filtration solved the problem. At the Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris, 3B Clim installed four 6-micron AG100 filters and CRL25 maintainers to filter the borehole water that supplies the buildings of the Grande Volière. Finally, an Elephant Bleu car wash in St-Victor l'Abbaye in Seine-Maritime is equipped with a 1-3 micron AG100 filter and a CRL25 installed by SARL Boucou to filter the borehole water that feeds the station.

Hectron: automatic filtration solutions for various applications

Hectron's automatic filters are ideally suited to protecting small and individual water wells. But the strength of the Hectron self-cleaning filter ranges is that they are truly versatile. The applications in which they can be used are numerous: the protection of PAC in collective buildings, the protection of networks in factories, the filtration of lake or river water, the treatment of drinking water, water treatment plants, watering or even micro-irrigation or the filtration of sea water. For each of these filtration problems, there are one or more Hectron filter models that offer the right filtration thresholds, low installation and maintenance costs and, above all, autonomous operation, with no need to replace consumables.