Hectron's references in terms of filtration for the protection of factory water systems

Hectron's references in terms of filtration for the protection of factory water systems
Almost all factories need to use water in large quantities, either in their processes or in cooling systems. Essential to the smooth running of these factories, these water systems must be cared for and protected. The first protection to be put in place is efficient filtration of the water flowing through them. Hectron's automatic filters offer an adequate and economical answer to these needs. Requiring little maintenance while allowing a fairly fine filtration threshold, they are often the ideal answer for all factory water protection problems.

Which factory water systems can be protected by automatic filters?

It turns out that almost all water systems in a factory can be protected by filtration. In practice, there are two main types of water system concerned:

  • Those directly dedicated to the manufacturing process. For example, these may be water supply networks such as those of a food factory, a pulp factory or a chemical factory.
  • Those intended to cool the production process, as may be found in various fields such as steel wire drawing, plastics production or other industries requiring significant heat during production.
It is essential in industrial environments that the networks do not contain too many suspended particles. These can ultimately compromise the production process, damage machinery and create micro breakdowns that affect productivity. Any accumulation of suspended particles in factory water systems can therefore lead to significant costs in repairs or process downtime.

Hectron automatic filters used for factory water systems protection

  There are two ranges of Hectron automatic filters suitable for use in the factory. These are the AG and AS filters, the latter being relatively similar, but reserved for low pressure systems.

AG and AS automatic filters

The AG and AS range of filters are widely used in the factory to protect the various water systems required. They allow for low filtration levels and are very economical in operation as they do not require human intervention or replacement of consumables, unlike many other filtration solutions. The filtration threshold levels allowed by these automatic filters range from 0.5-1 microns to 500 microns for AG filters and from 6 to 400 microns for AS filters.   In the AG range there are 4 models and in the AS range there are 3 types of filters. Below are the maximum flow rates for each model:

  • AG 100: 8 m3/h.
  • AG 200: 45 m3/h.
  • AG 300: 120 m3/h.
  • AG 400: 340 m3/h.
  • AS 200 : 45 m3/h
  • AS 300 : 120 m3/h
  • AS 400 : 340 m3/h
There are differences between models which also exist in the types of inlet/outlet and their diameters. These range from 1" to 3" female or male threads and also flanges with nominal diameters from 100mm to 250mm.   Many factories and industrial sites use these automatic filters to protect various water systems used in or adjacent to the manufacturing process.

An example is the Port sur Saône industrial complex in Conflandey, Haute-Saône, where a steel wire drawing factory uses AG300 DN100 20 µm filters to filter out the flora that clogs the pipework of an entire cooling tower machine network. This installation operates with flow rates of 350 to 400 m3/h, where only part of the water (60 m3/h) is taken for filtration. Similarly, the cooling network of the Johnson Controls Industrie / Thales factory in Thonon les Bains in Haute-Savoie is filtered to 100 µm using a Hectron AG400 DN250 automatic filter.

It often happens in industrial environments that cooling water is loaded with micro-particles from the process. This was the case at Fimic / Kaneka in Belgium, where PE and raw material residues were found in the cooling pipes during the production of plastic foam. Most of the material was less than 5 microns in size, so 2 AG200 2" PN10 filters were installed, operating at a filtration threshold of 1 μm. For the same reason, an AG300 50μm filter and pump assembly was installed to filter part (bypass) of the cooling network in a Mecaplast plastics factory in Lens, Pas de Calais.

Finally, for Chemviron, in Parentis en Born in the Landes region, an AG300 DN100 filter with a filtration threshold of 40 μm was installed outdoors to remove carbon, sand and wood particles from the cooling water. In another context and for the filtration of raw water upstream of high-pressure pumps and water spray systems, AG200 filters with a 6-micron filtration threshold were installed in a B+W factory in Bottrop, Germany, to ensure that the water in the system is free of fine particles.