How do Hectron automatic water filters work ?

Hectron automatic filters are all equipped with an innovative cleaning system by suction ramp. This process allows to realize an optimal cleaning quality while consuming a small quantity of water.

All models in AG series – automatic filters range are equipped with automatic controls and are ready for use immediately after being connected.

Gamme AG - FonctionnementThe filtration phase is carried out through a cylindrical sieve. When this sieve is loaded, a detector (pressure switch) detects the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet. This information starts the cleaning process.

The suction ramp then comes into action. The ramp passes over the entire surface of the sieve, making a complete rotation. It allows to make a backwash which concentrates on the openings of the ramp. The material is evacuated via a solenoid valve which opens during cleaning: it is then directed out of the filter.