The use of Hectron industrial water filters for individual boreholes

The use of Hectron industrial water filters for individual boreholes
The use of Hectron industrial water filters for individual boreholes

Individual borehole: a real advantage

Finally, individual borehole is even more interesting if your applications require large volumes of water. This is the case for car washes, watering systems or geothermal heat pumps, or even for the daily use of large families.

Why and how to filter water from an individual well?

  • The sieve filter (or lamella filter): it will capture large particles such as plants, small rock fragments or various sediments. It can also retain sand and microparticles, depending on the size of the sieve mesh, but is less effective in these cases. They require regular emptying because they quickly accumulate particles or sludge.
  • The disc filter: it is often used for industrial or agricultural irrigation facilities, and allows a large flow of water. Nevertheless, its filtration is a bit coarse.
  • The cartridge filter: this solution is interesting, but it has the disadvantage of requiring frequent cartridge changes with significant costs in terms of equipment and intervention.
  • The self-cleaning filter: it has the advantage of integrating an automatic cleaning system, which avoids dismantling the filter. In addition to this technical and economic advantage, the filtration is fine and efficient enough to offer optimal water quality.

Which Hectron equipment for the automatic filtering of your individual borehole?

The Hectron product range has 3 types of filters suitable for individual water wells.

Alfa hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are an efficient system for separating sand and other particles from the borehole water. Since hydrocyclones operate without any moving parts, they have maximum reliability and durability. Alfa's hydrocyclone models are made of molded polyamide: this offers the advantage of being less expensive to manufacture and avoiding the disadvantages of possible rust that steel hydrocyclones can experience. Nevertheless, a hydrocyclone will require small manual interventions to purge the tank. However, this is less frequent than with a cartridge filter. In terms of performance, a hydrocyclone can remove approximately 80% of suspended solids larger than 100 microns and can provide a flow rate of up to 18 m3/hr.

Prago automatic filters

The Prago automatic filters have the advantage of offering a solution that is both economical and 100% automatic, particularly well suited to the filtration of borehole water. They are equipped with a choice of various screens for 100, 200 or 300 micron filtration. They are particularly efficient at filtering sand and are perfect for protecting a domestic water well. Another very positive point of the Prago filter is that it is very easy to install: it is fixed directly on the piping. Finally, this filter is fully automatic and requires no intervention. In terms of technical performance, Prago filters work on all networks with a pressure of between 0 and 6 bar and offer a filtration threshold of 100 microns or more.

AG automatic filters

Hectron's AG filters are the most versatile and efficient filters for individual well installations. Indeed, they cover filtration thresholds from 0.5-1 to 500 microns. Moreover, their design with a cleaning system by suction ramp consumes very little water. The cleaning system is only triggered by the pressure differential between upstream and downstream. The frequency of cleaning is therefore completely optimized to the particle content of the water and is adjusted to the strict minimum. All models of the AG series are supplied ready for use and are equipped with control lights and an automatic cycle counter. For optimal water quality, this range of units offers the best performance while providing fully automatic filtration without any manual intervention. Moreover, these automatic filters are particularly recommended in case of presence of clay in suspension or for drinking water applications. The filtration threshold of 0.5 microns and above offered by these filters is the lowest that can be found for a domestic well installation.

Does an automatic filter make the borehole water clear and drinkable?

As far as water clarity is concerned, it is important to know that an AG100 automatic filter will in 99% of the cases be efficient enough to make the water clear. There may be situations, however, where there are materials that are too fine to be removed and numerous enough to cloud the water. Filtration cannot ensure the potability of borehole water. Therefore, it is usually necessary to test the water for possible contaminants and to perform at least a UV filtration.