Seawater desalination: reduce operating costs with Hectron filters!

Faced with the lack of fresh water observed throughout the planet, the use of desalinated seawater is a solution that has the wind in its sails. The Middle East has the largest number of desalination plants, but there are also a few in Europe, notably in Spain. Smaller units are also present on the boats. Technically, the reverse osmosis process (extremely fine filtration membranes) is the most widely used. Hectron filters are used to protect the high pressure pumps used in these systems. They are offered in seawater variants, designed to withstand the high corrosiveness of this water: duplex stainless steel, thermoplastic coatings, etc. In collaboration with the Spanish company Quantum, Hectron supplies the Norwegian company Frøy, which operates several vessels packed with technology, allowing the transport of live salmon from the breeding grounds. To fill the boats' fresh water tanks, a large reverse osmosis installation supplies the 500 m3/h required. Hectron automatic filters (6 µm) protect 10 µm absolute cartridges placed before the high pressure pumps, which has made it possible to considerably reduce the frequency of replacement of these cartridges.