Industrial water filtration: The different needs

Industrial water filtration: The different needs
Industrial water filtration: The different needs
Industry requires industrial water filtration at different stages of the process and for different needs. The technical responses to industrial water filtration then differ and the processes used can vary. But whether it is rainwater filtration, water purification, pumping from groundwater, lakes or rivers, or closed circuit process water filtration, Hectron's solutions provide an adequate and adaptable response, easy to implement and economically compatible.

The different needs in industrial water filtration

In industry, there are many different water filtration needs. They correspond either to different stages of the process or to different uses of the water in the process. Nevertheless, we can distinguish 3 main families of needs even if some industries may have needs that are difficult to classify in these main categories:
  • Safety filtration for closed cycle: this is what consists in having to eliminate undesirable particles in the water, whether it is water used directly or indirectly in the process.
  • Process filtration: this consists of eliminating poorly dispersed loads, particles that are in the water that is used directly in the process.
  • Filtration before discharge: the aim is to bring the discharged water into compliance and in particular to eliminate certain solid particles that reside in the water before treatment.

Which industrial filtration for which type of water?

The technical requirements for industrial water filtration vary according to the type of water used. It is obvious that the filtration needs will be different depending on whether the water is used for washing, for example, or for cooling water or for water that comes from pumping.

Water used for washing

For water used for washing, the technical requirements vary between industries. Some machines require high levels of water cleanliness and will require filtration levels close to 50 microns, while other more robust machines will be satisfied with water filtered at 200 microns. The destination of the wash water also has an impact on the filtration required: depending on whether the water is destined for recycling and reuse, or whether it is discharged as is or sent to a wastewater treatment plant, the filtration level will also be different. But overall, the thresholds are between 50 and 200 microns and are amply satisfied by the entire range of Hectron automatic filters.

Closed circuit water

In the case of industrial water filtration used in a closed circuit, the aim is to have a correct cleanliness of the water. This is mainly to preserve the pumps (which get damaged and clogged with dirty water). The filtration thresholds required are quite variable, but levels of between 25 and 100 microns may be required. In these cases, Hectron's automatic filter systems are ideally suited to achieve such cleanliness levels.

Recycled water used in process water

This water is often filtered upstream and just needs additional filtration before it is recycled. The filtration levels required can vary, but are all below 500 microns. However, depending on the type of industrial process, requirements can reach filtration levels of 15 microns. These filtration ranges are all easily achievable with Hectron products, which are widely used in process water filtration.

Pumped water

Pumped water can require very different levels of filtration. Indeed, it can be of different nature and contain very different pollutants. Similarly, the final destination of this water implies different levels of filtration. In general, these are the waters that require the widest possible range of filtration. It is not uncommon to have to filter these pumped waters to 5 micron thresholds. However, sometimes it is only necessary to filter to 1500 microns when the final destination of the water does not require more filtration. In all cases, Hectron filtration systems offer filtration ranges that are largely compatible with what is required for pumped water destined for industrial use.