REUSE: Hectron in the starting blocks!

Aerial view of a small sewage treatment plant
The question of REUSE of wastwater treatment plant clarified water has come to the fore lately. In a period of water savings, we no longer understand that thousands of m3 of fresh water go to the sea when many uses are possible: street washing, watering, etc. There is a huge potential, since in France less than 1% of this water is reused, mainly because of regulatory constraints. Supplier of clarified water filters for many years, Hectron equips dozens of wastewater treatment plants in France for industrial water production. But our ranges of filters also fit the specificities of REUSE: finer filtration (a few microns), in order to protect the UV lamps, which are inevitable in these projects. Partner of VEOLIA on several pilot projects, Hectron is ready to meet the very specific needs of this application.