Why choose Hectron water filtration solutions?

When looking for a water filtration solution, there are a number of parameters that can influence the choice. Some brands will specialise in certain models or applications, or will be known for certain qualities. Hectron has the advantage of having many reasons to choose its solutions, and therefore is often the first choice for many installers or manufacturers.

Valuable experience

Hectron is a family-owned company that was founded in 1986. Hectron has more than 30 years of experience in the field of water filtration. Since 2004, Hectron has been developing several innovative ranges of self-cleaning filters for a variety of industries. By covering a wide range of complex and diverse situations, Hectron has built up a real knowledge base that enables it to respond quickly to complex demands and ever-changing situations

Reliable products

The great advantage of Hectron's automatic filtration solutions is that they are remarkably reliable. There are several reasons for this. The first is that Hectron obviously aims to produce automatic filters that are robust, made of durable materials and with a level of finish that leaves no doubt. This focus on quality production has an effect on the average life of the filters and offers customers a remarkable assurance of reliability in any situation where the filters are installed. The second reason is the concept of the automatic filters designed by Hectron. On the one hand, they have no moving parts and on the other hand, they have no wearing parts or elements to be changed over time. The absence of moving parts logically reduces breakage, traditional wear and tear and various breakdowns. This choice of design plays an important role in the very long reliability of Hectron filters. The absence of parts to be changed, maintained or checked limits human intervention on the devices. Not only does this make for very economical operation, but it also reduces the possibility of breakdowns due to lack of maintenance or simply human error during these interventions.

High economic efficiency

Most of Hectron's products are very popular because they offer unbeatable value for money. This economic efficiency stems from several key factors:
  • A reasonable price: particularly well positioned on the market, Hectron automatic filters are not very expensive to purchase.
  • Simple installation: in addition to their economical price, Hectron filters are quick and easy to install and do not involve prohibitive labour costs.
  • Long service life: as mentioned above, Hectron filters are installed to last for a long time which makes them even more economically attractive.
  • Very low maintenance and no spare parts: with Hectron there are no hidden costs to keep its filters in good working order. In most cases, they do not require any intervention by technical staff for many years.

A wide range to suit your needs

Hectron offers a wide range of filters that can cover a wide range of industrial needs or in the field of water collection and treatment.

AG filters

These are automatic multi-purpose filters with filtration thresholds of 0.5 to 500 microns. They have a highly efficient vacuum cleaning system with low water consumption.

AS filters

These filters can operate with very low upstream pressure: they can operate at 0.5 bar pressure. The maximum flow rate is 340 m³/h. These filters are very often used for the protection of plate heat exchangers.

Prago filters

These are very economical filters for borehole water. They have a filter screen (100, 200 or 300 microns) which offers good filtration capacities for domestic installations, heat pumps or sprinkler systems. In addition, they are very easy and quick to install.

Polyamide hydrocyclones

Alfa's polyamide hydrocyclones are very economical and do not suffer from the oxidation problems of the steel models. They are very effective for sand separation and are widely used for filtering borehole water.

Stainless steel hydrocyclones

Stainless steel hydrocyclones offer a long service life and do not oxidise. Their large cross-sectional area allows for quick purging and optimal operation in many situations. They are available in cylindrical or conical shapes, depending on their size, and these shapes optimise filtration according to the expected flow rate.

Technical and design support

Hectron is always available to assist customers in adapting a solution to a filtration problem, to study a technical modification, to look at a new design or to consider new techniques. Hectron's technical teams can then make innovative proposals, look for more economical solutions, advise on installations, operating methods or even propose technical solutions to replace old filtration systems.