Hectron's achievements in lake and river water filtration

Hectron's achievements in lake and river water filtration
Lake or river water is often used for various purposes, whether in an industrial or leisure environment or in various applications. These waters obviously need a more or less fine filtration depending on their destination. Filtration solutions such as those offered by Hectron's AG automatic filters are perfectly suited to this type of problem and offer efficient and economical variants. Numerous examples of this type of solution are already available and have achieved outstanding results, as the following examples show.

Which Hectron automatic filters are used for lake and river water filtration?

The Hectron AG range of filters is recommended for filtering river or lake water under good conditions.

Description of the AG range of Hectron automatic filters

This range of automatic filters, particularly suitable for river or lake water filtration, but also for other types of applications, has 3 main qualities:
  • Operate automatically without any human intervention.
  • Do not require spare parts or consumables to be replaced.
  • Offer very wide ranges of filtration thresholds to adapt to each case.
For example, the filtration threshold range of the AG range goes from 0.5-1 microns to 500 microns. The system works with a suction manifold and a pressure switch that measures the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream. The cleaning is then triggered only when necessary and by a fully automated process. Filtration is then carried out with a cylindrical screen. The suction ramp passes over it in a complete rotation. A backwash for better efficiency is then carried out and is focused on the openings of the ramp.

The AG automatic filter range offers 4 different models: AG 100, AG 200, AG 300 and AG 400.

What they have in common is that they are all built with stainless steel casings and have a maximum allowable pressure of 5 bar. The differences between the models offered lie mainly in the permissible flow rates of each of them:
  • AG 100: 8 m³/h.
  • AG 200: 45 m³/h.
  • AG 300: 120 m³/h.
  • AG 400: 340 m³/h
  There are also notable differences with regard to the inlets and outlets of the various filters, which have specific diameters and types: AG 100: 1" female thread AG 200: 2" female thread, 3" male thread and DN80 flanges AG 300: 3" male thread and flanges of DN100 and DN150 AG 400: DN100, DN150, DN200 and DN250 flanges

Examples of river and lake filtration with Hectron AG filters

There are a number of projects where the use of Hectron AG filters has proven to be particularly effective for river and lake water filtration. The examples below are only a sample, but they do describe the possible applications of these automatic filters.

AG100 automatic filter

For Suez at the CIRSEE centre in Croissy-sur-Seine in the Yvelines, 50, then 20 and 10 micron cartridge filters were clogging regularly. They were replaced by a single AG100 filter providing 11-micron filtration right at the outlet of a raw Seine water tap with a flow rate of 2 m³/h. Another example of protection of a small hydroelectric plant is at Paulhaguet in the Haute-Loire for SHEM. The river water is filtered with an AG100 filter with a 100 micron threshold.

AG200 automatic filter

For EDF at the Mescla plant in Malaussène in the Alpes-Maritimes, an AG200 filter has been installed. Its purpose is to filter the water of the Var river which is used to lubricate the bearings of the hydro-electric turbine. At the time of flooding, this water is highly contaminated and needs to be filtered to avoid clogging and malfunctions in the power station. The filtration set up was 60 microns then 20 microns. In Belgium, at Tihange, six 6-micron AG200 filters were installed to filter the water from the Meuse River that supplies the nuclear power plant. The operation was carried out by Boccard / Electrabel.

AG300 automatic filter

A Hectron AG300 automatic filter with a filtration threshold of 40 microns was installed to filter the river water that supplies Arkema's Feuchy plant in St-Laurent Blangy in the Pas-de-Calais. The flow rate of the installation is significant and is 80 m³/h.

AG400 automatic filter

An AG400 filter was used for the town of Sisteron in the Hautes-Alpes. The purpose of this filtration is to purify both the water supply (from a borehole) and the water in a swimming pool. At the level of the water supply, the filtration is from 1 to 3 microns and that of the water body is carried out in a closed circuit with 3 filters of 50 microns.